Last credit ringtone without own contribution

Only 3 months left to take out a loan for 100 percent of the property value. Currently, it is still possible in 10 banks, but some of them increased margins for loans without own contribution. Recommendation S of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority requires that each loan taken in 2014 should not be higher than

Is the loan forfeited?

  Does the loan disappear after death? This question raises many doubts. The death of a loved one is a great tragedy. However, at some point we have to face the reality, which sometimes prepares unpleasant surprises. If the deceased had a liability to a bank or other financial institution, it may turn out to

Credit installments will be even lower

At the October meeting, the Monetary Policy Council lowered NBP interest rates as expected. However, the scale of the change seems to be surprising, as the GBC decided to cut rates by as much as 50 basis points, setting the reference rate at historically low level of 2.00 percent. Thanks to this, the installment of

Home loan – what should you know?

  Few lucky people can afford to build and decorate a home for cash. The vast majority of us, if they did not hit the famous “six” in the book, must use a loan or decide to renovate the inherited property. Building a house is one of the biggest investments that we can burden our

How to take care of your credit standing?

If we want a loan on the most favorable terms, we should properly take care of the creditworthiness. All you need to do is follow some tips to be more credible in the eyes of the lender. How to take care of your credit standing? It is important to have a clean account when it

Driving license – where is the best loan?

  Driving license is an extremely important thing for every future and current driver. However, to get the qualifications and a document confirming our driving skills, we must complete the course and then pass a stressful exam at the selected Provincial Road Traffic Center. The entire necessary procedure involves costs. What to do when we

When can a creditor apply for suspension of enforcement?

Bailiff enforcement is, unfortunately, absolute. The bailiff, as a public official who deals with an average of about 250 cases per year, will want to end his proceedings as soon as possible. The debtor is therefore deprived of many possibilities of action and must take into account the rapid attachment of a bank account, remuneration

Mortgage interest rate development May 2017

How does the interest rate develop in May? Read our mortgage interest expectation. This month we see a slight rise in interest rates after the rates have fallen earlier. Mortgage interest rate line broken Mid-April, the rising trend in mortgage rates was broken. The falling capital market interest rate was a reason for lenders to

Recover Money about positive impact of the app on people’s lives

  Good Finance, will tell you about how the application is changing the financial lives of Brazilians in the Recover Money event, Grupo Padrão, on May 11. The objective of the event is to discuss issues related to Brazil’s economic recovery, from consumer perspectives and asset recovery. Grupo Padrão publishes the magazines Modern and Retail

Debt ratio – What is the debt ratio?

The debt ratio measures the company’s level of debt relative to the value of its equity. CBDebtloan simplifies your life and helps you manage your balance sheet, your assets and your cash flow: access these reports instantly to find out where the finances of your company are. The debt ratio for a company is the