Driving license – where is the best loan?


Driving license is an extremely important thing for every future and current driver. However, to get the qualifications and a document confirming our driving skills, we must complete the course and then pass a stressful exam at the selected Provincial Road Traffic Center. The entire necessary procedure involves costs. What to do when we lack the money for a driving course? Is driving license credit the right solution? Let’s see!

Driving license – how much does it cost?

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Getting a driving license is a time-consuming process that requires the person concerned to have a certain amount of money. It is estimated that the entire procedure for obtaining a driving license costs about PLN 2,000, if of course everything goes our way. Driving license costs include:

  • course in a training center, both theoretical and practical;
  • medical examinations to take the course
  • theoretical and practical exam at WORD
  • fee for issuing the document

The cost of taking the appropriate photo that will be used in the driving license document must also be added. It will be expensive to repeat the practical exam, for which you must pay each time. If we pass the theory test, we can try to successfully complete the driving test for six months. If we fail, you will have to repeat the theory test, i.e. pay for it again.

If after the completed course you still do not feel confident behind the wheel of the car, you will need to purchase additional lessons with an instructor, the prices of which range from 50 to even PLN 80 per hour of driving. What to do if we do not have adequate funds and the training center does not allow for spreading the payment for the course in installments? An online loan may be the solution.

Can I take a loan for a driving license?

Can I take a loan for a driving license?

This question may be a bit confusing. We dispel doubts – for a driving license understood as a document we will not get credit, although indirectly yes, about which later. However, we can get a loan, for which we will finance the course and obtain a driving license. Why are we writing about this type of distinction?

On the Internet, mainly on the forums, we find a lot of similar questions about whether we can take a loan for a driving license. Each loan company requires an ID card confirming that we are a Polish citizen. On the other hand, not every lender on the Internet requires the customer to send an ID card scan. In this case, of course, the data from the driving license document, i.e. name, date of birth and PESEL number, as long as they coincide with the data from the ID card, which of course must match, will be used in the loan application process in the same way. Usually, when the lender does not require proof of identity, the personal details entered in the form must coincide, e.g., with the bank account belonging to the customer. So it does not matter from where, i.e. from which document we collect the data entered into the form, whether electronic or traditional.

However, if, for example, you lose your ID card and you want a payday loan, using your driving license as a document confirming your identity, you will not receive a benefit. Why is a driving license impossible? In stationary outlets, the company’s employees will require us to provide ID as a form of identity. In the online application, we will be asked to enter the ID number and series, so if we do not remember it, there is no positive consideration of our application.

Can I take a driving license?

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Who most often tries to get a driving license (document)? First of all, people forced by a difficult financial situation who lost their ID card, which is a rather rare case. More often, unfortunately, they are borrowers with a shameful credit history, many financial liabilities or active debts who mistakenly think that if they do not provide all personal data, the company will subject them to milder verification. This is a mistake because, as we mentioned before, lenders do not need scans of documents to check our data.

The high costs of obtaining a driving license are a burden on your home budget, but it is worth remembering that it is an investment for years. It can also be a reason for fast cash loss if we often receive fines … But it rather depends only on us.


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